Cadernos FGV Projetos is a publication by FGV Projetos going on for over ten years. Each number features a different subject, ranging from sustainability to public policy, education, and law. In 2017, as I worked at FGV Projetos as a designer, I was responsible for the new identity of the publication. Since it is institutional, it had to be clean looking, but it was the team's desire to give it a very modern look. My idea was to use Pantone colors to make it pop, and give modernity together with the sans-serif font choice, and the grid; to make the rest black and white - which fits the budget and gives the publication an elegant and stern look -; and to have a serif font in the main text to make it comfortable to read both in paper and on the screen, and to add to the elegance. Each issue will have its own Pantone color to make it stand out and be personalized. Cadernos FGV is printed on offset paper for a matte and comfortable finish, and the cover has spot varnish on the color rectangle and the title.
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