Vai Comer o Quê? is a Brazilian book derived from Francielle Nogueira's food and lifestyle YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers. The author compiled 100 vegetarian recipes she created over the years in this book, divided by main ingredients. The project has handmade watercolor illustrations and lettering, matching the visual ID of the brand (that since the release of the book has changed). All lettering words were done by hand, one by one, and then colorized in Photoshop and used in the recipes' titles. All watercolor illustrations were created by the designer for this book. The recipes' layout was created thinking of an ease of use, breaking down the recipes that did not fit in one page in a way that allowed the ingredients that would be used in the second page to appear in the page in which they would be used to avoid flipping pages during the cooking—when the user is probably with their hands dirty or full—, but with an indication on the first page that not all ingredients are there, so the user can properly separate the ingredients beforehand if they so wish to do. The project is complete with Francielle’s photographs of each one of the recipes in the book. Vai Comer o Quê? was created to be used in the kitchen, but also to be a coffee table book.
Indigo Design Award, Bronze in Book Design
Indigo Design Award, Bronze in Lettering

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